I've submitted for a project at CodePlex. I've officially named it the Buttermilk Game Engine! The GUI portion is named the Buttermilk Gui Engine. Both are acronymed BGE, which is the same as the initials in my name. Pretty clever eh  ;) Hehehe...

I typed up the current features list like so -

Buttermilk is the game engine I'm building for the 2D XNA game "Rogue Bishop". It's a very easy to use 2D engine which additionally supports 3D objects in the 2D scene graph.

It currently includes the beginnings of an advanced but simple to use dynamically skinned GUI system. The GUI system is completely separated from the 2D game engine in its own project module, and can be used in any XNA application, 2D or 3D.

Current features include -

* Sprites which can be dynamically changed from 2D to 3D on the fly

* Tile Layers

* Tile Maps

* Framework for an MVC GUI system which already includes a GuiMouse, GuiScreen, GuiPanel, GuiButton, a monospace text system, and a truly dynamic GUI skin system

* A non-rotational, rectangle-based collision system

* A non-rotational, rectangle-based physics system

* Complex animated sprite system using key frames (unstable due to lack of testing)

* Complete serialization / deserialization of many key game objects like tile maps, key animated sprites, etc to / from disk (no editors yet though!).

* A nice particle system which can use animated 2D or non-animated 3D objects.

* Optimized batch rendering system

* 2D scenegraph which transparently interoperates with 3D models

* %100 automated content loading / unloading / reloading system.

* Resource management system makes sure you never load the same graphics in memory twice.

This project, once the GUI system is finished and the code is stabilized, will be very handy for your game. Use the 2.5D game engine with the GUI, or use the GUI system in any type of game all by itself.

So anyways, yay for me :)

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Jim Perry

Still trying to hook up with you to get this.

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And.... here it is :)

Currently, the license is restricted to open-source, evaluation only. It will be loosened once I decide on which license to use permanantly.

Check it out if you're interested and have time :)

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I'm currently reuploading the release file due to some missing files / copyright issues. It'll be done in about five minutes.