I have been working on a fairly simple, fairly silly, Zombie game that is purely in 2D "straight on" perspective right now. I'd like to do a 3/4 view like that of many of the Zelda games, or perhaps a pseudo-3d side scroller like Golden Axe/Double Dragon/Castle Crashers. I am completely new at this so I really have no idea where to begin. Is creating a 3/4 perspective or something like Castle Crashers just a matter of changing how you draw sprites or can you adjust the viewport to give this kind of view without having to draw sprites specifically for that perspective

Just to be clear, I'm not really intersted in creating a 3d game, I want it to stay 2d, I just want to know what my options are for creating perspective with 2d art. Is it all about the base artwork Can XNA do any of the work for me

Re: XNA Framework 3/4 Perspective in a 2d game

Glenn Wilson

You will find that XNA is not a game engine... Anything that you like it to do you will have to code for yourself, you might be able to find some different classes that the community has put together that may help, but over all you will have to code the solution.

If it is an engine that you are looking for you could check out garage game's torque x engine which uses XNA, and I think the flatredball engine is also being converted to XNA.

But the game you are talking about can be done in XNA it will just take a small ammount of work to complete it.