Third Infantry Productions

Project Code Name - Anarchy:

Brief description: Have you ever wondered what it had to have been like living in America's infancy It's 2020, terrorist have attacked America leaving few survivors. The main land has been destroyed, and the capital is still burning. All branches of the government have been destroyed. Who will lead their group to topple the terrorist and restore Diplomacy in America

Target aim: Platform and PC ---- M Rating (Violence, Language)

Compensation: Royalties and the thrill of starting a cultural phenomenon!!! Technology: Microsoft XNA Game Studio, C++, Maya, Poser, 3d Max, Cinema 4d, Lightwave, MS Net Meeting, Open GL, Open AL, Fruity Loops, Cubase

Talent needed: 1.Lead Programmer (NEEDED ASAP) 2.Project Programmers 3.AI Programmers 4.Art Director (Needed ASAP) 5.3D Artists/Modelers 6.Concept Artist (Needed ASAP) 7.Music Director (Needed ASAP) 8.Music Composers 9.Online/Multiplayer Programmer 

Contact: To join the team or if you need additional information please email

Additional Info: We are assembling a team that will see Bill Gate's vision of using XNA Studio Express to produce the ultimate gaming experience for your personal computer and the Xbox 360. The game will be distributed for PC via Download (for a fee) and for XBOX 360 using Microsoft¡¯s Gamer Creation Club.

Feedback: All feedback is welcomed

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Help Needed Building first XNA Xbox 360 Game

George Clingerman

Wow, that's great. I can't WAIT to see this team you put together. On a side note, please edit your post so that it is a comment instead of a question. Thanks!

[Wow, that changed from a question to a comment fast. If you're that quick, then you'll be done with this puppy by next Wednesday...unless one of the amazing, superbly talented and typically quite good looking forum moderators switched it to a comment first....hmm...I wonder.....]