I've created my own application using DXUT. That's a water simulation that uses shaders 2.0.

But I've encountered next problem. How to launch a project that uses DXUT on another PC without installing DirectX SDK Currently it doesn't work, even though runtime DirectX is up to date and same for video drivers.

When program starts an initialization error "0x0150002" occurs.

Re: Game Technologies: Graphics Installing DXUT?

Glenn Wilson

What Language are you using...

The DXUt are just a set of classes that compile into your application... there is no need to install it on the client as your application includes it, but If you are using the GUI Controls inside you will need to make sure that you package up the .fx and texture files that the Framework needs, as well as changing the paths inside your program. From default the paths look for the textures inside the SDK Paths.