With the increase of the number of C# user, and the publication of the XNA new edition. More and more developer agree with using C# to develop game. And I think the problem to use C# to develop is not the efficiency but the accumulation of language such as various libraries. As far as I know, many 3D graph engines have developed by researchers, and some one have being developing the physical engine. But I can't see any engine for AI, such as path-finding engine(if you see any, please tell me, thanks!) especially for C#.

And I'd like to develop a path-finding engine for RTS game, of course, for other grid-base game because of my research of a very effect path-finding algorithm which can cost only 1/100 time of AStar and breadth searching in the 1000*1000 map through preprocessing. And this algorithm also have some other benefits.

My question is: what I want to do is worthy Or more directly, Is there anybody require this engine for develop the RTS with a great many units

Finally, I'm so sorry to my poor English expression. If you catch any mistake, please remind me, thanks very much!

Re: XNA Game Studio Express I'd like to develop a path-finding engine for RTS game

Jon Watte

If this is something you want to sell to make money off, then you should try to implement the same library/algorithm in three different environments:

1) C/C++ for traditional development, and the modern consoles.
2) C# for XNA and modern Windows games.
3) Java for casual/on-line games.

If you're seriously into creating "AAA" middleware, then C++ is still the most important environment. If you're trying to find a niche, such as "serving XNA developers," then C# is fine, but I believe that XNA developers have nowhere near as much money to spend on middleware as the traditional game developers.

If you just want your library to be used, then starting with C# / XNA is as good as anything. In this case, you ought to host the library on or a similar place, where interested users can port it to other environments.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express I'd like to develop a path-finding engine for RTS game


Very thankful for your replay, and I learn many thing form it. And, I have some question: what is modern consoles what is casual game

In addition, I think you do not quite agree with the bullish outlook of C#, isn't it