Steve Dunn

I'd like to see my XNA game on my 360. I have no intention of running it on other 360's or make it available to anyone else. Do I still need to join the XNA Game Creators Club



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George Clingerman

Yes, being part of the Creator's Club is a requirement to see your game on the XBox 360 in general. Development for the PC remains free, but you will have to join the club in order for the bits and pieces you need to transfer it to the 360 to become available.

This subscription can be purchased directly from the XBox live marketplace and two subscription options are available. You can do $99/year or $49 for four months. Once you cancel the subscription to the Creators Club and are no longer a member, you will no longer be able to develop, debug or play games developed with XNA on the XBox 360.

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Steve Dunn

Thanks for the answer. Purely out of curiosity, I presume the keys that the Dashboard generates are somehow tied your XBox Live account and know whether you've ordered 4 months or a year's subscription (this presumtion stemmed from the thought I had about if the XBox was never again to connect to the internet, how it'd know the suscription had expired).

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The ZMan

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No the keys are just to prevent random other people from accessing your xbox (imagine you are in a college dorm or on an open wireless connection).

The expiration is handled as part of xbox live. I suspect it already knows the expiry date and will check for resubscription. Or at the very least it will require a connection after so many days.

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I actually think its a requirement that you are connected to live when you start the XNA Game Launcher. I recall it not allowing me when my network cable was unplugged.

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Stephen Styrchak - MSFT

Right, you need to be connected to Live at all times. If you are signed out for any reason, the XNA Game Launcher will notify you and exit back to the dash.

The connection keys are tied to your profile, so if you share an Xbox 360 among two different people in the Creator's Club, then you each will generate a different key. The keys are used for encrypting communication between the console and your computer. In addition to keeping random people from accessing your Xbox 360, the connection keys also prevent random people from accessing your computer. Most people don't want that, either.