Tall Dude

I have a VB Express solution at

http://www.driveway.com/kehde65653 ZIP file sz 142kb

I have been testing it by opening a WMV file.

It uses Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback.

The video object switches it's owner from panel1

to 'me' (form1), depending on whether it is fullscreen

or not.

I have a separate context menu for the form1 and for

panel1 which are active when a video is playing.

Using the context menus I can switch back and forth

between normal and fullscreen with no problems.

(I do not use the video object's fullscreen mode, I simulate it

by changing the properties of form1 back and forth and also

changing the owner back and forth.)

I use a form1 keypress event to also switch back to 'normal' mode.

(Using almost the same code that the fullscreen context menu uses

to switch back to normal mode.)

The only difference is that the keypress code has a

msgbox line in it.

It was put there as one of the many attempts to get the

code that follows it to work.

I, of course want to remove the msgbox. But, if I remove it,

the code will fail to work.

The program will not crash, it will go back to the normal mode

screen, but the video will be gone and the labels that show the

elapsed time and duration (that run off a timer,) will be gone.

Again, The program will switch back and forth from normal to

fullscreen, all day long, as long as you use the context menus.

How can I get the exact same code in the keypress event to

work without having to throw up a msgbox

Re: Game Technologies: DirectX 101 Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback


It works fine when I try it. Try the DirectX 101 forum.