Also (I asked another questio about framerate earlier) what is the norm for the amount of physical memory a 2D usaully takes. Mine, according to the Ctrl-Alt-Delete performance counter, takes up about 220 MegaBytes of physical memory. I don't really think that most games take that much. So my question is, What is the normal amount of physical memory for a game to take

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Physical Memory Question

Jon Watte

It DOESN'T MATTER. The physical memory shown in the process manager is mostly a big, fat lie, for various technical reasons having to do with how virtual memory is allocated and managed in Windows.

If your game runs fine on the target machine, then it's using the right amount of memory. It's that simple!

We once developed a tool that kicked all pages out for a given process; the pages actually in use would then get paged back in. This was very quick, as they never actually made it to the disk. The end result was that a process showing "400 Megs" of memory usage, in reality had a working set of 40 MB.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Physical Memory Question

Joran Omark

Is you sprite class by any chance loading it's own Spritebatch If so, try making one SpriteBatch in the class which derives from Game, and pass a reference to it to each Sprite. Just a possibility.