Hiya guys ive just released a beta version of my XNAConsole component at



The XNAConsole component is a console a lot like youd find in computers games like half-life or quake. The component is totally self contained, all its graphics are held within the library and it deals with its own font and input.

The component allows you to alter public properties during runtime, run custom written commands and view real time information on your game.


i've noticed a few people asking for a console component. :)

I am aware of a few bugs and the documentation and website aint the biz but its somthing to be going on with




edit: once its cleaed up and i get round to doing a proper release ill also let u get your hands on the src

Re: XNA Game Studio Express XNAConsole (Beta)


Hay guys, ive updated my console component fixed some bugs added a few things to be goign on with. (Also got my site running, and moved the rss feed)