Syed Faraz Mahmood

hi all

there are two things i would like to ask ,
1) Dynamic Texture :
i have a cube mesh and an item which contains some properties ( say name and value). i want to display the properites of the item on the faces of the cube. Items' values are changing continuously. what i am doing right now, is that i open up a bitmap in memory, draw the string representing 'item' using GDI and then i create a texture from the bitmap. i am doing this whenever the value changes. i think this is not an effecient appraoch , as during the program execution the cpu usage shoots up. If there is any other way for rendering such scene, then please let me know.

2) how do i select 3d objects on the screen with mouse. how do i calculate a ray passing thru the 3d world at mouse position ,i will appreciate a mathematical explanation/article.