We have some GlobalLists used to populate dropdowns on our customized Work Item forms. The contents of the lists are composed of data migrated from ClearQuest (as are most of the work items themselves) and they really need some rationalizing due to misnamings and duplications.

What would the implication of removing items from the GlobalLists be I'm guessing that the following would be true:

  • If the relevant fields are marked as AllowExistingValue then closed work items would look fine when viewed (no error messages relating to values not existing in dropdowns)
  • Open work items would need to have a valid value chosen from the dropdown before saving could occur

I would like some contribution to this before I ruin our development environment!

Re: Team Foundation Server - Work Item Tracking What are the implications of removing values from a GlobalList?

Dan Kershaw

I believe that you are correct. I'm assuming that you are also making this a required field

Another option might be to use <SUGGESTEDVALUES> rather than <ALLOWEDVALUES>. The latter rule will enforce that the user can only choose a value from the drop down list. Using the former will provide the drop down list, but also allow you to enter any other text into the field (and hence this will not care about any value now no longer in the dropdown).

If you are uncertain about the change, maybe try this on a pre-production/evaluation server

Hope this helps,