I had a couple questions on debugging SQL Server stored procedures in Visual Studio.

I got everything configured right and I'm able to debug, but I was wondering about the following:

1.) As soon as the procedure comes to an end, all my watches just disappear and from what I can see, there's no way to tell the Watch Window to stay put even after execution of the stored procedure

2.) I have several stored procedures that call other functions / stored procedures. When I call one of those stored procedures, the scope goes away from the calling procedure, the called procedure runs in the background, and then it finishes. What I don't see is the call stack / wathc window for that called function or stored procedure. I need to see what is gonig on not just with the "main" procedure, but whatever else may be called from that stored procedure.

Embarcadero's Rapid SQL will actually open up another debug window if a stored procedure is calls another function or stored procedure. Does this functionality not exist in VS stored proc debugging If VS dos support this, what configuration parameters, etc. do I need to change