This is probably a well-known problem with a well-known solution, but I'm not having any luck finding such a solution, so please bear with me.

I'm using HTML Help 4.74.8702.0 and I have a large index for my help files. Some index entries link to help on multiple pages, so if you double-click on such an index entry, help pops up a list of the pages it finds and asks which one I want. This generally works well... unless the link URLs have #s in them. If I'm linking to a specific, helpful bit of the help page, then the pop-up list isn't so helpful.

For example, let's suppose my help index.hhk included:

<LI> <OBJECT type="text/sitemap">
<param name="Name" value="Index Item Name 1">
<param name="Name" value="Help page topic 1A">
<param name="Local" value="help_page_1A_url.htm">
<param name="Name" value="Help page topic 1B">
<param name="Local" value="help_page_1B_url.htm">

<LI> <OBJECT type="text/sitemap">
<param name="Name" value="Index Item Name 2">
<param name="Name" value="Help page topic 2A">
<param name="Local" value="help_page_2A_url.htm#anchor_2A">
<param name="Name" value="Help page topic 2B">
<param name="Local" value="help_page_2B_url.htm#anchor_2B">

If I compiled this, went to the index, and then double-clicked "Index Item Name 1," then I would get a pop-up with "Help page topic 1A" and "Help page topic 1B" listed. Perfect. But if I double-click on "Index Item Name 2," then I would get a pop-up with "Index Item Name 2" and "Index Item Name 2" listed. Not helpful to any user who is trying to find "Help page topic 2A" or "Help page topic 2B".

Does anyone have a way to fix this Any work-around other than eliminating #'s in my links


Re: Developer Documentation and Help System Problems with anchors in index entries


I found a fix. No idea why this works, but it does. In the help.hhp file:


Binary Index=No

Thanks anyhow!