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I want to display in following manner.i tried a lot but i can't achieve it.

My Crieteria:

I Used to Develop an attendence Register for employees.Each Employees have Multiple Login and Logout.

Nw My Issue is I want to Group Each Employees with having his own IN and Out on a particular day he Present.And at the same time since each employees having several login and logout for a particular day.I want to Wrap a matrix after certain columns and display the rest in next line for that day of that employee


i Want in this format

Employee Name: E1

Present Day 1

IN1 OUT1 IN2 OUT2 IN3 OUT3..........after a particular column it should be wrapped and displayed in next line

IN4 Out4 IN5 OUT5...............this process is continued until all the login and Logouts of tht employees is displayed...


Present Day2

INs and Outs

Present Day3

INs and Outs

After The first Employees

Similar Format is For all the other employees

How can i achieve this

Re: Visual Studio Report Controls Display Data In Column wise

Samee Qayum


i have the same problem - i have downloaded a paging sql from :

will see if i can fix this to work for breaking after printing say 5 columns


Samee Qayum -