I try to build my solution (about 5 class libraries, 2 web services, 2 web sites and 1 win application) with TFSBuild.
The build is success. But there are only 2 web services into $(BinariesRoot)\Release\_PublishedWebsites\ directory afret building process. I would like to deploy these web sites, but they aren't in this folder _PublishedWebsites. I think they should be there, or not

Also I added a new class library BuildTasks with extended MSBuild tasks to my solution and also I can't find the BuildTasks.dll assembly into the $(BinariesRoot)\Release directory. Please explain why

Re: Team Foundation Server - Build Automation Some projects from solution never build during TFSBuild process

Hua Chen - MSFT

Hello Zoryana,

Could you please check the solution - configuration

In the solution file there are build settings for the projects under the solution.

Here are brief steps.

a. Right click the solution file in the Solution Explorer, select properties.

b. Select Configuration Properties node, click configuration manager button.

c. Select one selection in the 'configuration' combox for example : Debug.

d. Select one selection in the 'Platform' combox for example : Mixed Platforms.

d. Select 'Build' check boxes for the website needed to build in 'configuration'

e. Create Team Build Type. Select Mixed Platforms and Debug as the 'PlatformToBuild'

and 'FlavorToBuild' setting.

You can find more information about these steps in Aaron's blog:


Or could you please paste the Team Build log

Good luck.