I have recently moved my 2000 server DC to new hardware. I ran into issues and the server could not be powered up for two days. I am now at the point where I can power back up the DC. There is one other DC in my environment; its a 2003 DC.

Is there anything that I must do in order for the AD, sysvol, etc to be updated correctly How do I know this will not cause any issues

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Re: Team Foundation Server - Setup Server 2000 Domain Controller powered off for 2 days

Tim Noonan MSFT

tommyn2 - I believe the folks that monitor the Technet Windows Server forums will be able to offer you much better assistance regarding domain controllers than we can. Here is a link that might help: ForumGroupID=161&SiteID=17

Also, I did a quick search and turned up a number of articles regarding restoring a DC - there are some threads with AD and sysvol topics you may need to read: catalog=LCID%3D1033&spid=3198&query=restore+domain+controller&adv=&mode=r&cat=False