1. I need to be able to interact with the Work Item forms that are part of the Process Template.

2. To expose this to users, I want to add a tool bar to the toolbars collection in the VS menus area that will appear and disappear when the team explorer window is opened and closed by the user. This toolbar will have buttons to start up conditions such as open a window to see work items (replacement work item query) and link work item types - standard TFS extensibility example stuff - just placed on a toolbar.

3. I need to add controls to the Team Explorer window to allow users to add values to the work item type forms and interact with other aspects of the work item type forms and TFS services and so forth.

In my mind this would require a number of things:

A. being able to reference the Team Explorer window in a VSPackage (not my first choice) or (easier) a VS Add-in.

B. being able to get a reference to the controls on a running Work Item type form so that I could programmatically enter values or select list items.

Anybody know how this can be done

Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Add a Toolbar when Team Explorer opens in Visual Studio


Here's some additional information I discovered:

Using the EventWatcher sample VS Add-in I was able to see what events were available to capture in an add-in code session.

I could see the opening and closing of the Team Explorer window. And I could see some events occurring.

However I was unable to determine whether events were percolated when I modified the values in controls exposed by the work item type forms.

Since these form are generated at run time based on xml settings, perhaps the codedom event model is in effect and to capture these events a reference to the running reflection object instance needs to be obtained.

This is gonna be hard!!

Any help will be appreciated.