Hi, I'm new to Visual Studio. Can someone please point me to a good tutorial on how to debug in VS2003. Thank in advance for your help.

Re: Visual Studio Debugger Tutorials on using Debug

Thomas Sun ¨C MSFT

Hi WebThang,

Based on my understanding, you want to know more information about Visual Studio 2003 debugger and want to know how to debug your application with Visual Studio 2003 debugger. If I have misunderstood you, please feel free to let me know.

There are many things about the Visual Studio .net debugger. The debugger allows you to stop at procedure locations, inspect variable¡¯s values, observe message traffic, and take a look at how your code works. For more information, see Debugging.

You can find more information about debugger and how to debug with Visual Studio .net debugger by the following link:

The Visual Studio 2002, Visual Studio 2003 or Visual Studio 2005 Debugger doesn¡¯t work. What can I do

I hope this helps.

Re: Visual Studio Debugger Tutorials on using Debug

Liz - MSFT

Hi WebThang,

If you do a search on an online bookstore for "Debugging" you should find something that you would find helpful. I personally would recommend Mastering Visual Studio .NET. Section 3 Debugging.