I am starting a new solution with Visual Studio team system.

I am using the "class designer" functionnality to design my classes, inheritance...

I am wondering how I can do a "Use case diagram" or even a "state diagram" or a "sequence diagram"

Should I use DSL

I am new to DSL, I have installed the DSL tools but I really do not see how I can do a "use case diagram" and associate it to my project.

When I "right click" on my project I can see "view class diagram" but I do not see something like "view use case diagram" or "view sequence diagram".

Anyone can help

Thanks you very much


Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Use Case

Edward Bakker


Visual Studio team systems doesn't support use case diagrams, state diagrams or sequence diagrams out of the box. You can probably use visio for that.

The DSL Tools doesn't come with a default solution for this either. However, if you want you can use the DSL Tools to build your own Domain Specific Language (designer) that does support this. You can use one of the four templates to create your DSL. None of the available templates support your scenario but you can use them as a great reference. This means you have to build your own DSL to support your scenarios.

Have a look at the samples that are installed with the DSl Tools, you can find them at ..\Program Files\Visual Studio 2005 SDK\2006.09\VisualStudioIntegration\Samples\DSLTools

If you have any further questions, let us know!


Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Use Case



I watched the video (http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx PostID=246477) with Brian Keller and Stuart Kent.

They show the "state diagram" and they show how to build your own diagram.

They show first that there is an interaction between the state diagram and onoe of their own application (to book room in an hotel).

But they do not explain how to interact the diagram with an application

If you could explain me how to link a diagram (like the state diagram) to one of my project I would really appreciate.

All the tutorial I have found explain how to build a diagram but not how to link them to a project.

Thanks you very much for your help.


Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Use Case

Blair MSFT


I think you may be misunderstanding the purpose of the DSL Tools. These are a development technology intended for use within Visual Studio not a runtime technology. You don't link the diagrams into your application as such, but rather use them to model part of the solution in your problem space and then generate code that forms part of that complete solution. For example you might have a need to represent navigational flows in a forms based system. You could build a designer to describe these, and then emit code from the resulting models that implements the navigation engine, or you might instead generate configuration data that can be used to drive some existing navigation engine.

In other words one might say that in terms of integration into a complete solution the DSL Tools as they stand today do not provide an interpretive solution (in which the model itself is executed by some kind of translator at runtime hosted alongside the application) but rather a generative solution where modelling is a design-time activity and at some point there is a realisation of the model into another form that is executable on the runtime platform (in this case C# code on .NET).

It might help to read the Architecture Journal edition that was dedicated to Software Factories and enabling technologies, especially Steve Cook's article:



Blair (MSFT)