Michael J. Martin

Hello. I am a developer with Microsoft Managed Solutions, a group that is implementing a set of custom work item templates to manage our internal processes.

I am receiving an error message while trying to save a prototype that I have inherited and have been unable to find any documentation addressing the error. The person whose work I have inherited is also unsure about the reason behind the error as he has traditionally done his edits via the XML and has apparently never seen this error. I am using the 'Team | Process Editor | Work Item Types | Open WIT from Server' launched GUI in Visual Studio.

This was discovered when I was resolving another issue in which the prototype did not have, in all cases, consistent LabelPositions for all members of a group. I found the rogue entry and changed it to match the others which, by virtue of making a change, allowed me to save my changes.

When I attempted to save the fix, another apparent issue came to light. The following error was displayed: "There were validation issues, continue save ".

Traditionally I use an internet search to find threads with a related fix. However, this one is not finding a match. Also, it is apparently not the change I made causing the error because if I 'say' "yes, continue save", (which completes without further error messages), and then I subsequently change the value back to the original bogus value I still get the same error message.

I am relatively new to implementation of custom work item templates, and have inherited an already large template prototype so I don't have the luxury of asking myself "what was it that just changed in the system that might have caused the error "

Can you give me some suggestions on where to look and/or what to try in terms of sleuthing out the specifics of this "validation error"

Thank you in advance! Mike

Re: Team Foundation Server - Work Item Tracking Validation Error when saving a custom work item type

Aliaksei Baturytski - MSFT

Try using witimport with '/v' parameter with your work item types; the tool will validate your input and will give you error messages telling what's wrong with your work item type (including schema validation errors).

If witimpor returns no errors - the problem is somewhere else.


Re: Team Foundation Server - Work Item Tracking Validation Error when saving a custom work item type

Michael J. Martin

Can the import be performed "at any time" For example, can I export the current design and then re-import it immediately to check the errors without

effectively changing anything in the system The current thinking in our group is that that import process wipes away any data that may have been there, some TSQL I wrote to do some reporting was blown away by such a process and so I have requested the other dev not do any more imports until I finish my tech spec which is validating the reporing requirements.

That being said I was not present during the process so additional steps may have actually been the culprit.

I have asserted that going forward we will need to be able to make slight modifications without losing data, which sounds like a fair notion, and that we must figure out how to do so.

If I am being too conservative I'd like to know. It would reduce our deliverables by 1 week as I have effectively locked him out of updating the screen shots in his functional spec so I can validate my TSQL for my tech spec. I will do a search on witimport and try to sleuth out the available switches.

Thx! MM

Following up...I performed validation as suggested and recieved no errors. The only message displayed was "Work item type validation complete", suggesting no validation errors. However, I still get the error message when saving in the GUI, "There were validation errors, continue save " Not sure what this means.

Re: Team Foundation Server - Work Item Tracking Validation Error when saving a custom work item type

Allen Clark - MSFT

The reporting database - TFSWarehouse - gets partially reconstructed whenever there are changes to the work item types. That will cause you to lose code in that database. The product team is looking at ways to manage the changes better in a future release, but for now, you will have to add your code back to the database after changes to work item types. I would think that importing an unmodified work item type wouldn't cause the downstream effects, but I could be wrong about that. If you use the /v option, though, the work item type is just evaluated for errors; it's not imported. That won't cause the downstream effects, and your TSQL code will be left intact.

Here's a thread that discusses the problems with customizations in the TFSWarehouse database.

http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx PostID=491133&SiteID=1