I have been using the Release Candidate of version 2.0 for Team Plain. Today I geet a message that the trial period has expired or its license is otherwise invalid. Is the released version ready, or is there something I can do to get it working again. I would rather not go back to v1.


Re: Team Foundation Server - Team System Web Access V2.0 RC Trial Expired

Serkan Inci - MSFT


If the user settings are not a big deal for you, I can suggest you to download and install the Power Tools release by clicking the following link, because it is not possible to migrate the user settings of v2.0 RC to PowerTools Release: familyid=2105C9EE-565E-47B9-A5AC-9A8FF8A07862&displaylang=en

If user settings are important for you please go to following link to convert your license to an unlimited license:

Hope this helps. Regards.

Serkan Inci - MSFT