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While working on a migration route from Borland StarTeam to TFS I have problems matching the user entities. Typically each of the users defined in StarTeam must be added as an AD user (as aminimum defined on the TFS server). This I have done, but problems are mounting.

Right now I'm banging my head into the fact that adding or changing a user (fullname) doesn't seem to show up in the AllowedValues collection (for WI fields with users in them) after the team project has been created. Even adding the user directly to a TFS security group fails to add it to the AllowedValues collection of an existing project.

The only way I have managed to halfway get around this is to delete and recreate the Team Project, which of course is unacceptable in a production environment. The last user I added didn't appear even after this brutal force attack.

Running 'TfsAdminUtil sid' lists all the users I expect and all SIDs are reported to be found in Windows, even for the above mentioned last user.


Is there a trick to refresh the AllowedValues lists of dynamic fields like System.AssignedTo or is there something awfully wrong with my installation

The strange thing is that i don't seem to find any others out there suffering from this. This could be for one or two reasons. Either I'm doing something that nobody else does or nobody is hiring or firing people in their (TFS related) organization, which seems unlikely. So what am i doing wrong (A bit of friday night frustration there I'm afraid;-|)

Worth mentioning is that I'm working on a test server based on Darren's virtual TFS image (the one with AdventureWorks, ReportSample and TicTacToe) just testing out the steps we need to migrate. Don't know if this has any relevance at all but you never know you know. I have converted the VPC image to a vmWare image and changed the system id on the way, so certainly enough ways for SIDs to get mangled etc. But it works remarkably well, so I'm inclined to say that the image is ok.

My image is running in the WORKGROUP workgroup and the users are defined locally. All the users I make are added to a local group and then the local group is added to a [Server]\ group. This group in turn is a member of the [SERVER]\Team Foundation Valid Users and so everything should be ok.


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Re: Team Foundation Server - Work Item Tracking Adding user not picked up in the AllowedValues

Martin Moe

Turned out that nuking the cache did the trick, so I'm off the hook for now. Still not a good solution that you have to do that. Shouldn't a refresh in the Team Explorer do the trick


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Re: Team Foundation Server - Work Item Tracking Adding user not picked up in the AllowedValues

Matthew Mitrik MSFT

Hi Brumelmann,

I'm happy to hear that you found a workaround. I'm going to move this to the WIT forum to see if anyone there can provide any insight.