I've been trying for two days now to create a project in VSTE for DB Pro's and am getting nowhere. I've been through a lot of the posts here, but unfortunately they don't address my current issue.

I'm running Winodws XP on my local machine, so I'm unable to install a local instance of SQL Server. I am, however, able to connect to any remote server on our network no problem when creating a data connection in TOOLS > CONNECT TO DATABASE.

The remote servers are all configured to allow remote connections. I can connect to tese servers with virtually every tool: SSMS, Reporting Services, ErWin, Embarcadero, Visual Studio, SQL Profiler. But I can't connect when using the SQL Server 2005 Project Wizard or even when I don't use the wizard...

I've deleted all data connections from my server explorer and try to create a new project and still get the error. It doesn't even ask for a database or server to connect to ! ! It says can't connect to te server when I haven't even specified one...

During the Wizard, I choose new connection, ctreate the connection, test it and it works just fine. As soon as it gets to the "Creating Database Project" window, it blows up. The same thing happens whether I choose SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005...

What's also "weird" is I'm able to connect to these servers just fine and do schema copmpares and data compares...

I'm confused....I seriously don't get what the problem is...

Re: Visual Studio Team System - Database Professionals Creating Database Project

Andrew Campbell - MSFT

VSTE for Database Professionls requires a local instance of Sql Server 2005 in any of it's flavors. At a minimum Sql Express. Recommended is Sql Dev.

Once you have a local instance of Sql Server, you will need to adjust the Tools->Options->Database Tools->Design-time Validation Database connection options to the server instance name or leave it blank for the default instance.

You should then be able to create a database project either through the wizard or starting with a empty project and importing schema.

You may need to adjust the Surface Area Configuration of the local server instance to allow TCP/Named Pipe connections. There is a tool for this that is installed with Sql Server.


Re: Visual Studio Team System - Database Professionals Creating Database Project

tomsmi - MSFT

Some of the documentation on this page should help you get started:

Specific topics to start with:

How to: Specify the Local Instance of SQL Server to use for Design-time Validation

Getting Started with Database Projects

Also, installing SQL server on Windows XP is supported.


Re: Visual Studio Team System - Database Professionals Creating Database Project


SQL Express did the trick...

That could get to be a lot of databases if you've got a large environment...

But MIcrosoft knows best!