Not sure of the best place to post the question so please excuse me if this isn't the best place and point me to where to post.

We were using good old VSS, and started using the Smart Client Software Factory with the Guidance package, integrated into VS2005. Everything seemed to be working fine.

We then moved the solution into TFS a few months ago. We reached a point where we needed to use SCSF and add something in, only it is no longer working.

I've uninstalled/reinstalled. No difference.

One thing I did notice is that if I use the Guidance Package Manager, click on a recipe there, and a pop-up with the source tree is shown, but everything is disabled. Even if it is checked out, it still shows as disabled there.

Could there be any connection to the source being disabled and the work space in TFS

At one point while using TFS, there was a problem and I needed to create a new work space. Did I perhaps do something incorrect there

Re: Team Foundation Server - Version Control TFS Source control and VS2005 integration with SCSF

Richard Berg MSFT

I'm not familiar with how SCSF works. Is it supposed to interact with your source control provider You might get better support at http://www.codeplex.com/smartclient/WorkItem/List.aspx

If TFS itself is not working after upgrading from VSS, I would make sure you have the correct provider selected in Tools -> Options -> Source Control.