How do you get back to the nice screen where you can see Work Items and run Queries and see the "team explorer" in vs6. Once you have source control working, I always get the dummied down VSS type screen, for Check-ins, etc.

Re: Team Foundation Server - Version Control Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider

Michal Malecki - MSFT


we provide full TFS integration (Team Explorer) only for VS2005. VS6 (I understand you mean VC6 or VB6 :)) uses Msscci interface which is source control only. You can query work items from the checkin dialog, which you see during checking in files (it has 4 channels, work items are the second one). If you don't see it, please verify that you are not back in the VSS world with VSS Msscci provider (look at blog post)

Hope this helps