Kevin Goddard

I'm running into a problem when executing a web test I've recorded. The application that I'm testing relies on a cookie being submitted to the web server that holds personalization information. The cookie is set when the user first logs into the site. Most every page accesses that cookie in the code behind page. Additionally, the site uses forms authentication, so there is also that cookie appended to the response stream when the user is logged into the site. The problem is that subsequent pages are failing when they attempt to access either cookie. When accessing the first cookie mentioned above, I am getting a NULL Reference Exception. When looking at the "Request" and "Response" tabs in the Test results, I see the first cookie appended when the user logs on, but never see that cookie on subsequent pages. I do see the Forms Authentication cookie (of course it is encrypted and I'm using SSL), but when the role based security code attempts to determine role permission from that cookie, it always fails and the "Web Browser" tab shows a "You are NOT authorized" message. The web site worked fine when recording the script (and in fact is a production site working for a few years), but playback is the problem. I must not have something set up correctly I'm evaluating Team Suite and I can't get the first test I've created to play back! Help!

Re: Visual Studio Team System - Web and Load Testing Web Tests and Cookies?

Ed Glas - MSFT

Hi Kevin, we've uncovered a specific problem case with cookies recently, where .NET comforms to the RFC (spec), but IE (nor most browsers) do not. Is this an internet facing site Can we log in to it to test it Please email me.