When Visual Studio starts up, there is a list a installed package loaded..

"Visual C#"
"Visual VB"

I want temperary disable several of them. I know that I can remove them in VS setup program, but it cause a lot of time. there must be some keys in registy to toggle if the extension enable or not

Please help!

Thanks in advance

Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Howto disable Visual Studio Extension?

Carlos Quintero - MVP

I strongly unrecommend this and I have not tested it, but there are some registry entries at:


specially the "Packages" subkey...

Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Howto disable Visual Studio Extension?

Ed Dore

There is no supported scenario that will prevent the various packages from loading. I am curious as to why you are seeing packages load if you're not using them. Most are designed to load on demand. Meaning they aren't loaded until they are needed.

Note, the list you see in the about box and splash screen are simply the list of "installed products" it does not list the actual names of all the packages loaded into the Visual Studio environment.

If you are seeing a slow startup of the IDE, I would first recommend defragmenting your hard drive. The Visual Studio installation is notorious for fragmenting your hard drive, and it's the first thing I do after installing VS2005 and VS2005 SP1.