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If I use UpdatePanel in a sharepoint 2007 webpart, I run into two issues:

1) The Welcome.ascx has a PersonalActions control, which for some reason is doing either a response.write or something that is inserting the "Welcome System Account" text in the resulting callback response. This is causing the Sys$WebForms$PageRequestManager$_onFormSubmitCompleted function to throw a PageRequestManagerParserErrorException exception.

Here is the actual output :
16189|updatePanel|ctl00_m_g_a71abba7_0f17_4c8f_a5b1_a89b8537692e_updatePanel|--content--|Welcome System Account0|hiddenField|__EVENTTARGET||0|hiddenField|__EVENTARGUMENT||5100|hiddenField|__VIEWSTATE|--viewstate--

2) If I set the visible of the welcome control to false, I can only do the callback once. When I click again, nothing happens, because Sys$WebForms$PageRequestManager$_getPostBackSettings returns a postbacksettingsobject that has asynch set to false. The only difference between the first and second calls is that the _postBackControlClientIDs has no items in the first call, but during the second call, it contains the id of the control causing the postback.

Has anyone tried using the UpdatePanel in a web part in sharepoint

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Yogita Manghnani - MSFT


This appears to be specific to Sharepoint and not TFS, hence I'd recommend posting to a Sharepoint support forum:

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