Hi everyone,

Ihave a problem in crystal report .i hv 5 to 6 subreports in Main report.and i adjust their height and width.and some time one of the subreport do not show any result and due to that reason their is gap between subreports.i try to access the crystal report objects programmicaticlly and i succeed in accessing the normal objects like Text Box through this line of code. crp.ReportDefinition.Sections("ReportHeaderSection1").ReportObjects.Item("Text2").Left = 8000 This line work and i m able to change its left ,width and etc. but when i access the cross tab or subreport through the same line of code crp.ReportDefinition.Sections("ReportHeaderSection1").ReportObjects.Item("Crosstab").Left = 8000 i get arror message Add or chnage this type of Report Object is not allowed. Kindly help me in that Regard.I am waiting for ur reply.

Re: Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Dynamic Parameter setting of Crystal Reports Using


Regarding first problem.

right click section > Format Section > check Supress blank section and also you can supress a section based on formula whether your subreport returns anything or not.