I have Visual C++ 2005 Express edition installed and have been working with it fine for about a year. I did have the Intellisense thing disabled because it locked up my machine like everyone else's. I figured it may had been fixed in SP1 so I'm now trying to install it. I downloaded the installation manually because WGA started claiming my copy of XP is no longer valid while it was before (go figure).

Anyway, I try to install:


...according to this confusing page: FamilyId=7B0B0339-613A-46E6-AB4D-080D4D4A8C4E&displaylang=en#filelist

...and it claims VC2005 is "not installed", so it cancels the installation. The same thing happened with Windows Update a number of times before WGA spontaneously started claiming I had a pirated version of XP.

Why does Windows Installer FAIL every time I TRY to use it Why is Microsoft software so dysfunctional Why is it bloated with crapware Why should I even PAY for software when it says it is a pirated version anyway

I'm getting sick of this. I just want to install VC2005 SP1 to fix already broken software.

So my questions are:
1) is there a way to generate the necessary registry keys to fool MSI
2) is there a non MSI installer for this SP (third party, hacked, pirated, I don't care)
3) is there a way to extract files from MSI installers and do installation manually
4) perhaps another alternative


Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation VC2005 Express SP1 MSI fails


Oh, by the way, this is the relevant part of the install log (pulled from /temp/):

- Initializing patch object from patch package
+ Installing patch
Product: (null)
validating products...
No valid products found! shell out.
+ Core patch application
No target product was specified.
Command line: "D:\WINDOWS\system32\msiexec.exe" REBOOT=ReallySuppress /p "g:\temp\LOCALS~1\Temp\ZNW31\VS80sp1-KB926748-X86-INTL.msp" /l* g:\foo.log
+ Launching process
Command line: "D:\WINDOWS\system32\msiexec.exe" REBOOT=ReallySuppress /p "g:\temp\LOCALS~1\Temp\ZNW31\VS80sp1-KB926748-X86-INTL.msp" /l* g:\foo.log

Not much of any help or is it It doesn't seem to know what to install.

Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation VC2005 Express SP1 MSI fails


On a side note:

I tried extracting the files from both the .exe and extracted .msp (pulled from temp) with LessMSIerables, but the tool doesn't recognise these files.

*Edit: I did extract the files from the .msp with MsiX, but the resulting files are not that useful. I have no idea where they go and don't have the right filename/extension. There is one CAB that contains some DLLs but I don't feel like renaming them (they have some keys appended to the filenames).

*Edit 2: Trying Orca now.

*Edit 3: No luck with Orca. I was hoping to find the true filenames that way, but it does not provide much info.

It does however reveil this: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express - ESN Service Pack 1 (KB926748).
Why does it say "ESN". This abbrev. is used throughout MS products to indicate language, in this case Spanish. Why is a Spanish version included in a MSI .exe installer that has the language code INTL (international) Could this be the problem

This is the only installer I could find, even Windows Update provided the same file. Is is it really a language issue

In any case, the version of VC2005 Express I have installed is ENU (English I presume) according to config > Software, VC itelf it does not give an indication of language on the about dialog (appart from being completely in English).

Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation VC2005 Express SP1 MSI fails


Ok, here's a partial solution for the poor souls who are forced to use Microsoft skoftvare:

This is a homebrew fix for only the notorious Intellisense 1 minute hang bug. We all solved this by renaming the file feacp.dll to something else. This unfortunately broke the Designer area of VC.

SP1 includes a new version of this file, so we'll replace it to at least fix the intellisense bug, and get the Designer back working.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Express SP1 Manual Installation

1) download the "VS80sp1-KB926748-X86-INT.exe" update
2) run the update, wait for error
3) browse to "Windows\temp" directory, find folder with random name
4) copy the .msp file elsewhere
5) close installer, delete it (no longer needed)
6) run msix.exe, extract all files
7) add .cab extension to PCW_CAB_VS_10292
8) open file with WinZip (or other archive software)
9) extract file "FL_feacp_dll_____X86.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8" to feacp.dll
10) move this file to "Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\vcpackages"
11) check dependencies of this file with Dependency Walker
12) mspdb80.dll is missing
13) copy these files from "Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE" to "Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\Bin"


14) dependecies are now valid
15) run VC

Designer is now functional, and I think the intellisens hang is fixed, I will verify this later (that is, if Windows Live allows me to log in again).

* you need msix.exe to extract the files from the msp package, its a commandline tool, just google for it
* this file may have some dependencies somewhere down the tree that may outdated, so things may become unstable, but hey, we're used to that from MS

Good luck!