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Re: Team Foundation Server - General Proposed Source Control Structure


Have you had a chance to implement and try this out I'm wondering how well it has worked for you. I'm considering something similar, but I have a few questions about the design.

  1. If you were to branch "WebApp1", wouldn't you have to branch dependencies found in Libraries as well What would this do to the references made by WebApp1
  2. Wouldn't it be ideal to have a separate team project for each webapp, winservice or windows console app I am still new to VSTS, so I'm not sure I'm looking at this the right way. However, I feel like the lifecycle management generally applies to one product at a time. Your thoughts

Re: Team Foundation Server - General Proposed Source Control Structure

Jason D. Camp

We are using the mainline branching model for most of our team projects. So, we have another node, "main" under the Team project that contains all code related to that team project that we branch from.

We create one team project per solution, which contains multiple, but closely-related code projects.

There is another good article on this subject here:


Re: Team Foundation Server - General Proposed Source Control Structure

Michael Ruminer

I recommend you take a look at the Patterns and Practices groups TFS Branching Guidance site on CodePlex

Also on the PnP Visual Studio Team System Guidance CodePlex site is a video specifically about How to Structure you ASP.NET projects for TFS