I have VS.NET 2005, which comes with CR 10 integrated into the dev environment. I installed a 30 day trial of CR XI Developer. I then uninstalled CR XI, and now I cannot modify the reports that I had created in the earlier (embedded) version of CR. I have corrected the references to the CR objects in my .NET project (they automatically updated to 11.5.x.x when I installed CR XI, but didn't change back to 10.x.x.x when I uninstalled it).

I'm thinking I need to uninstall and reinstall VS.NET 2005 to get my reports working again, but I hope I don't have to waste a half day doing that. Is there any other way to return my development environment (specifically CR for .NET) back to a happy state without totally reinstalling VS.NET

Re: Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Crystal Reports for .NET 2005 - cannot open reports


Are you sure you corrected the references To do so, click on "My Project" in the Solution Explorer or else click on Project from the toolbar, and select "[project name] Properties." Once that opens, click on the references tab. Select the CR 11 and click on the remove button.

Also, what you may want to do is click on the "Reference Paths" button and delete a path that points to the CR 11. By default you should have something like this path that points to CR 10 (2.7)

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\2.7\Managed\

What you don't want in this case is a path that points to: (3.5) which is CR 11

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.5\Managed\

To add CR 11 as opposed to removing it, you would simply add the reference path here. I have encountered the opposite where I installed CR 11 and the reference path was not automatically installed or pointed to; for me.

Good luck!