the generated deployment project for my DSL is dropping the C# (and VB templates into its associated folder) ZIP file into


This work fine on the systems I have tested it on, however Im receiving reports from developers running non-english (Italian, and German so far) version of VS where the templates are not showing up in their Visual Studio my-templates add-item dialog.

It turns out that they need the zip files to be deployed in the

"ItemTemplates\Visual C#" folder

Can anyone tell me what the difference of the "CSharp" over "Visual C#" folders are

And, is the DSL Deployment project compatible with Vista installations

Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Issues reported with ItemTemplates

Bhavin B

Hi Nimble,

The problem seems to be that of the template is authored for the ENU locale and gets deployed on a non ENU locale. This article has the information that will be useful for you to understand the look up mechanism of templates for VS. We deploy our templates on the ˇ°InstalledTemplatesˇ± location based on the localeID specified in the InstallerDefinition.dslsetup of the setup project. The default is 1033 (or ENU). When a non ENU user installs the MSI, the templates get deployed on 1033 which is not where VS will look for templates at all. In this case, if the user copies the template zip file into the ˇ°CustomerTemplatesˇ± location (the Visual C# vs. the CSharp difference you mentioned), VS will load it from there.

If the author (you) wants the MSI for non ENU locales, he should change the locale id in the InstallerDefinition.dslsetup and regenerate an MSI for that locale to redistribute.

And yes, the MSI you generate will be Vista compatible. Smile


Bhavin B

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Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Issues reported with ItemTemplates

GarethJ - MSFT

We actually think we've found a bug with Vista in this area, so you may see some issues with the templates.

Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Issues reported with ItemTemplates


Sounds like my problem. Im getting reports of issues on Vista, things like the installer attempting to use c:\documents and settings\ instead of c:\users for various things...

Whens the next update due


Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Issues reported with ItemTemplates

GarethJ - MSFT

We don't have plans for any further updates on Visual Studio 2005.

The next update planned is for Visual Studio Codename Orcas, but the fix for this issue is unlikely to make it into the first release which is due for the Beta 1 CTP of the Visual Studio Orcas SDK.

We're still investigating the issue at present.

Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Issues reported with ItemTemplates

GarethJ - MSFT

I've just checked in the fix for Orcas, but this is something that you can fairly easily patch yourself on Visual Studio 2005.

The problem is that devenv /setup is supposed to be run at the end of the designer installation and the wix is incorrect for running this custom action as an elevated administrator under UAC on Vista.

In your setup project, you need to replace the <#@ include #> directive in the file with the contents of the tt file that is included.

You can find this at

<%ProgramFiles%>\Visual Studio 2005 SDK\2007.02\VisualStudioIntegration\Tools\DSLTools\TextTemplates\Setup\

Once you have this in place, you need to make a couple of quite small changes.

Add the "Execute="deferred" and "Impersonate="no" attributes into the following tag:

<CustomAction Id="DEVENV_SETUP" Property="DEVENV" Execute="deferred" ExeCommand="/setup" Return="ignore" Impersonate="no"/>

Switch the action name "InstallFinalize" to "MsiPublishAssemblies" in the follwoing two lines:

<!-- Following action must be run after MsiPublishAssemblies, because it depends on assemblies published to the GAC. -->

<Custom Action="DEVENV_SETUP" After="MsiPublishAssemblies" />

Then regenerate and rebuild your installer.

Hopefully that should fixup your Vista users.

For already deployed users, running devenv /setup in an administrative elevated Visual Studio command prompt should sort them out.

Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Issues reported with ItemTemplates



Thanks Gareth, Ill give that a try straight away.

Its much appreciated, hopefully you managed to get some good guys to take the load off you a bit. (c;

Cheers - Adam