I've developed some application with VC++ 2005 (without service pack 1 beta) and I've installed them on costumer PCs where I installed also the vcredist package. Everything works well!
Now, I installed the service pack 1 beta for VS 2005 and I have a big problem: an application built with patched VS doesn't run on the costumer PC. The only way to make application to run is:
- uninstall the old vcredist package
- install the new vcredist package included in the service pack

I tried with different applications with the same result.

Why microsoft made this breaking change with a service pack
Does microsoft plan to solve this problem with the final release

I think it's not correct to create discontinuity on the run-time libraries with a service pack!!


Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation VS 2005 (VC++ MFC) SP1 not compatible with VS 2005


I found int the SP1 blog the solution. You have to define _USE_RTM_VERSION in order to redirect the application to use the previous version of run time libreries biuld which are installed in a different directory than the old ones.