Geetha S


I'm printing Crystal Report directly from my VB.Net code ( without showing the Report Viewer to the user).

It works fine in the network log-ins who has administrative rights.

But, for the users who does not have administrative rights, when I execute the code, report is sent to the printer (I can see a new print task with the report's name, if you open the corresponding printer from control panel.). But no report is actually printed.

More details:

If I print a test page to the same printer, with the same log-in, it works.

I use SQL server 2000 as the back-end for the crystal report.

I use the following statement to print the report:

report.PrintToPrinter(nCopy, bCollate, sPage, ePage)

Please give me your inputs.

Thank you so much.



(Segment of code:

Dim nCopy As Integer = printDocument1.PrinterSettings.Copies

Dim sPage As Integer = printDocument1.PrinterSettings.FromPage

Dim ePage As Integer = printDocument1.PrinterSettings.ToPage

Dim PrinterName As String = printDocument1.PrinterSettings.PrinterName

report.PrintOptions.PrinterName = PrinterName

nCopy = printDialog1.PrinterSettings.Copies

bCollate = printDialog1.PrinterSettings.Collate

report.PrintToPrinter(nCopy, bCollate, sPage, ePage)