I've got a report bound to an object datasource. The property on the object can be a 0,1, or 2 which is the result of an enumeration for Faculty, Staff, Student. The value is stored in the database as an integer and in the object as an enumeration.

Now then, when I drop a list of people into a table I get the following:

Name TypeOfPerson


Billy Bob Thorton 2

Bill Clinton 1

Ronald McDonald 1

Obviously, when it comes to reporting this I need a way to change the integer to a string value so that the report contains values meaningful to the user. Is there a way in an .RDLC to take a '2' and change it to 'Student'

Another Issue (possible solution)

If that isn't possible, I could just add a property to the object that is TypeOfPersonToString() that returns the string value I want but then I don't know how to get that into the XSD (my XSD is based upon the table where it is stored as an integer value).

I created my XSD files by dragging database tables onto the XSD visual designer - that is a good start but my objects often have fields that aren't reflected in the database table - for example, a first and last name might be combined into a FullName property that doesn't exist in the database table or the XSD based upon the table, hence, I cannot use the WebDataSource to drag and drop a FullName field onto my report.

Can you create an XSD file based on a database table and then add to it manually so it more closely matches the actual object - including fields the object has but which aren't contained in the database