I have Win XP current patches. I had VS05 Standard installed on my desktop. Just out of the blue over the weekend it stopped working. I could open it up but when I tried to open my project it just hung ( overnight ). I killed the process, rebooted the machine; nothing worked.

I next tried to uninstall, and that wouldn't work either. I tried the manual 1000 step process, I could unistall Sql Server and other components but when I got the VS05 the unistall just sort of hung. I'd wanted to get this back up. I reinstalled my OS and then reinstalled VS05 and it worked from Sunday till today. Now the same thing again...

Logs, what logs ... Any ideas

Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation Can't Uninstall Chris

QuanT - MSFT

do you have automatic updates turned on

I wonder if VS SP1 automatically got installed on your machine and somehow messed up the current configuration.