Phil CMC

We have a temporary need to share a development machine between multiple developers. The developers either use RDP or Citrix to access the development machine. However, it seems the developers have to be given Administrator permissions on the machine for VS2005 to compile and run the debugger. Is there a security profile or settings that will allow the developers to continue to do what they need, without giving them administrator permissions

What are the various restrictions that would be related to the different permission levels


Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation VS2005 Security Permissions

Figo Fei - MSFT

What is your OS version

For Windows Server 2003 and earlier, members of the Users group can perform most activities in the integrated development environment (IDE). For Windows Vista, Visual Studio must run under administrator permissions to perform tasks correctly.

You must be logged on with Administrator permissions to install the product. You do not, however, need Administrator permissions to use Visual Studio after installation.

Most tools require only the basic permissions provided by the Users group. If you do not have the correct permissions to use a certain tool, Visual Studio provides an alert to notify you.

See: User Rights and Visual Studio