It took me a long time to figure out how to do this.

Drag and drop into source control explorer would be nice. In fact, when you try to drag and drop, the cursor implies that the operation is going to happen, but nothing does. Also you have to into the workspace and add the workspace mapping before you are allowed to add a folder.

This is made worse by the exclude not working when you add new items to the exclude line (,*.ilk...). Also if you uncheck one item, it tends to uncheck all items.

If drag and drop is too hard to implement, then at least allow "Add folder to project" option when I right click on a project in the source control explorer. The current method of trying to add a folder is that this functionality is not exposed in the source control explorer until you right-click on a solution in the project. Also this menu item "Add to SourceControl" implies that the files/folders will be added to the project solution. Luckily it turns out this is not what it does when you select the folder option, so again what actually happens is non-intutive.

I also think having some options only exposed under file->source control menu, and not under right-click of the parent project (in source control explorer) leads to confusion and difficulty in trying figure out where you have hidden some functionality. Additionally, if the project is empty and hasn't had any solutions added yet, I see no way to start adding folders to the project.

Bottom line: This is common thing to want to do. It should be easy and intutive. Currently it is not, it is very time-consuming. Compare how this works in SourceSafe. Drag and Drop; dialog box for setting the working directory. It should be that easy.

Re: Team Foundation Server - Version Control Method for adding non-VS2005 project directories to TFS is not intutive.

Matthew Mitrik MSFT

Hi Scot,

Thanks for the feedback/suggestions. We'll add this to our list of features to consider for future releases. If in the future you have other feature suggestions, please visit the connect site ahd submit a suggestion.