I am new to performance testing in VSTS. What has to be done inorder to view or to find the "user load or no. of users" counter to display in the graph running, while conducting performance testing for a webtest. I only can see 2 default counters "Requests/sec, Avg. response time" legend in graph as wellas in the description below the graph with check box. I cannot retrieve "user load" counter in the graph while running. Help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance


Re: Visual Studio Team System - Web and Load Testing User load counter - reg

Bill Barnett - MSFT

It is surprising that User Load is not included in your graph, as it normally is included by default.

You can try adding the User Load counter to the graph by doing this: in the load test analyzer's "Counters" pane (to the left of the graph), expand the tree: "Overall", "Scenario", "User Load" to find "_Total" and right-click on "_Total" and choose "Show Counter on Graph".