I have a class that inherits from Task. Through this class's Log property I log errors, warnings, and messages. The Warning or Error text shows up in the msbuild output and in the Visual Studio Error List. However the warning or error text does not show up in the VS Output window. Text for Messages (any importance) show up in the Output window but not the VS Error List. How can I get warning and error messages to show in the Output window (and possibly messages in the VS Error List)

Here is an example of my output:

Visual Studio Output window:
c:\somefile.txt (2,3)Error AB5901:
msbuild output:
c:\somefile.txt (2, 3): My Company Subsystem error AB5901: An error has occurred. See event log.

I am calling the TaskLoggingHelper class (via the Log property) with code like:

"My Company Subsystem",
"c:\somefile.txt", 2, 3, 0, 0,
"An error has occurred. See event log.");

I have also tried calling LogErrorFromResources with the same results.

I am using VS 8.0.50727.42 (Team Suite).

Re: Visual Studio MSBuild Warning and Error text missing from VS Output window

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi


In Visual Studio go to Tools->Options Pick Projects and Solutions from the tree, then Build and Run. From there you can change the value for the MSBuild project build output verbosity. I'm not sure how to get your messages to show up in the error list.

Ibrahim Hashimi

Re: Visual Studio MSBuild Warning and Error text missing from VS Output window


Yes, I have tried both Minimal and Diagnostic verbosity. I don't think verbosity affects warnings or errors, just messages. On either verbosity, I can see the warning or error is logged in the Output window but they don't have any text. Also, when I have verbosity set to Diagnostic Messages (High, Normal, or Low) don't show up in the Error List (a secondary concern).