Hi All,
I have an project which I, which I'm not able to debug. I don't get any error messages, but, when I try to debug using 'F5', the breakpoint in the Page_Load method changes to a " " and on mouseover, I see the message : "The breakpoint will currently not be hit.No symbols have been loaded for the document."
The project compiles successfully though, and I have it in 'Debug' mode, not release, both in web.config and VS. I don't see a 'Debug' folder under 'bin' folder in the project.
Any pointers will be appreciated.


Re: Visual Studio Debugger Can't debug ASP.NET a project in VS 2003

Liz - MSFT

Hello NotSoGeekish,

Take a look at the Debugger FAQ's particularly the section on Breakpoints and other Execution Control. You should find the answer to your problem there.

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