Chris Bardon

I've been having some pretty significant problems with Visual Studio 2005, which are now to the point where basic tasks have become near impossible. I have a large solution that I'm working with that contains several projects (one C++ COM server, a few C# class libraries, a web service, and a C# Winforms app), and I find that very frequently, the CPU usage on my machine (single P4 CPU on Server 2003) will spike to 100%, and the memory usage in the task manager will increase to 900 Mb or more when doing nothing but editing text in a .cs, .cpp, or .h file. This seems to happen much more frequently on longer files (1000 lines or more). I just had my machine lock up again by adding a single line of code to a header file.

By searching these forums, I've tried solutions like disabling the navigation bar and word wrap, but have seen no performance improvements. These problems were present before SP1 installation, and installing the service pack has only seemed to make the problem worse than before. Is there another fix to the problem, or anything else that I can provide in order to help diagnose the issue



Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation Extremely poor performance from VS 2005 before and after SP1 install (large files)

Srinivas Bringu MSFT

does renaming the feacp.dll file help you , this disables the intellisense at the cost of ther performane as intellisense keeps running once in a while eating away processors time, this might help, You can try the steps below

- Deleting .ncb file and rebuild the project and see how the intelllisense works now.

- Rename the feacp.dll (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\vcpackages), close and open the IDE and rebuild the project and see if this helps

- mark .ncb file as (ready only) Write protected, save the project, close and open the project and see if this helps.