Ian Sullivan

I'm registering an IVsSimpleLibrary2 implementation which in turn provides IVsSimpleObjectList2 lists to allow my custom project type to populate the Object Browser.

I've gotten everything working and now I'd like to trim the context menus down so they don't contain "useless" commands.

The objects I'm providing (and their member) don't have a concept of "access type" (they're all public) so I'd like to remove the "Sort By Object Access" and "Sort By Member Access" commands from the context menu.

I've tried various responses to IVsSimpleLibrary.GetSupportedCategoryFields2() for LIB_CATEGORY.LC_CLASSACCESS and LIB_CATEGORY.LC_MEMBERACCESS, returning E_FAIL, returning a single thing (public), but nothing seems to inhibit the menu item display.

Additionally, if anyone knows how to change the Member type strings I'd also like to do that, I'm able to separate my objects by member type by choosing an arbitrary member type to represent my non standard types, in this way "Sort By Member Type" works, but the names for the types don't really make sense when you do "Group By Member Type".

Any help would be appreciated.