I'm new to VS. I had it installed on my work computer as well as my laptop. I just noticed that on my laptop version, I have many more options. For example, when I open VS on my laptop, I have the option of opening a new "project" or a new "web site". On my other computer, I can only open up a project and I don't have the option of creating a website. I also have VS Web developer installed on this computer. Do you have any ideas I also have Crystal reports, and other tools that I dont have on this other computer. Does anyone know which disk this is on I have a lot of them and am getting confused.

Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation installation question

Gabriel Lozano-Moran

Do you mean that the submenu "New Web site" under menu "File" is missing Or that you don't see the ASP.NET Web Site project template when you create a new project There is a difference between both where the latter one is the template from Web Application Projects. You can install this seperately but it is also included in the Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1.