Rubén D. M.

I'm a newbie in .NET, so I don't if this a silly question... Anyway, here it goes:

My application allows the user to modify the value of some configuration parameters at app.config. I built the application and generated an installation project to distribute it.

To test the app, I installed it in the same computer I am developing. While I was testing, I changed the config values to check if this part of the app works. And it worked, but now my problem is the configuration is being cached: I mean, if I uninstall the app and install it again, it uses the value of the last modification, instead of the app default configuration value.

I don't know if the fact of being using shared modules in my app could cause this... I've been searching for a file, etc... where the configuration could remain stored after uninstallation, but I haven't found anything

Any ideas

Thanks in advance :-)

Re: Visual Studio MSBuild Cached configuration

Simon Dahlbacka

This doesn't have anything with msbuild to do..

but the user config is stored under

c:\documents and settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\<company name>\<filename>_<hashthingie>\<version>\user.config

so just go delete that and you're good to go..

(FWIW, company name is truncated to 25 character which if you happen to work in the "correct" company can lead to funny results..)

Re: Visual Studio MSBuild Cached configuration

Ruben D. M.

Thank you so much Simon :)