I am having a rather big problem. I don't know when it originated but I just noticed it lately when I pulled Visual Studio 2005 out. Apparently, The problem has something to do with HTML Help files.

Here's a couple of the problems I've had:
1. CHM files will load but in the right pane where it should display the's completely blank. The left column works and displays the index etc...It's just the content that will not show.
2. Windows Help will not work..I click it and nothing happens
3. In C++ Visual Studio 2005 Express, I can not create a new project. The window that normally pops up for the project wizard (after you name the project), is completely white/blank like the CHM's. It just sits there until I click the [X] on it and then it displays the following error:

Re: Developer Documentation and Help System Help Files Will not load!

April Reagan MSFT

Hello! Have you recently changed or upgraded your web browser or otherwise reconfigured those settings

April Reagan

Program Manager, User Education