We have a coulple of web projects that we've been building and deploying using team build & web deployment projects. We now want to switch gears and deploy these websites uncompiled so that some changes can be more easily updated. My question is how do we do this

I've tried modifying the team build to copy the source directory for the website to the deployment location. The copy works, but the site now gives the error 'The directory '/App_GlobalResources/' is not allowed because the application is precompiled. '

I'm a bit of a .net newb and don't understand what constitues a precompiled vs. uncompiled site. I've considered using the 'Publish Web Site' feature, but that appears to publish from my local workstation instead of from source control.

So here's my goal: I want to use team build to gather all of the required resources from source control for a given web project, then deploy those files as an uncompiled site.

Re: Visual Studio MSBuild Web project deployment options

Neil Enns MSFT

For issues regarding ASP.NET please post to The ASP.NET team owns the web deployment projects, and someone there should be able to assist.