Reggie Chen


I am using Visual Studio 2005, and I recently found it becomes very SLOW to build and publish projects. This problem perhaps happened when I was experimenting publishing WPF project onto a web server via VPN.

I post it at postid=1037188&siteid=1 and went ahead to install the service pack 2, but it is still not working.

I came across this blog today , and found out I have similar sympton. Visual Studio builds project without any delay when I disabled the network! I was not able to follow the instruction Alex proposes since I am using Visual Studio 2005. Does Microsoft have a fix for this problem

Please help!


Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation Visual Studio SLOW performance problem.

Gabriel Lozano-Moran

You could perform a build and publish and monitor file activity using tools like File Monitor and then look where there are big time gaps.