Aaron Schnieder


If you use TFS and VS 2005 for Database Developers, can you use TFS Source Control for your SSIS projects/packages

If so, does anyone have a link they could point me to with more information. I have been hunting around all morning and haven't found anything about SSIS in TFS Source Control.


Re: Team Foundation Server - Version Control SSIS Source Control?

Ben Ryan - MSFT

Sql Server Integration Services (SSIS) projects are controllable via TFS within Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) or Visual Studio 2005. It should be the same as soure controlling C# and other project types. If you've installed the Team Explorer SKU, then you can go to Tools->Options->Source Control and set Team Foundation as the source control plugin. After that you can create or open your SSIS project, go to Solution Explorer, right-click the solution node and Add Solution to Source Control. After the adds are pended you should checkin.

NOTE: Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) is a separate IDE from VSTS/DB Pro/BIDS. The latter are all VS 2005 SKUs or variants and share the same executable and registry hive. The former has its own executable and registry hive. As such, SSMS does NOT support integration with TFS via the Team Explorer SKU. Instead you must install the TFS MSSCCI provider to utilize TFS source control.

--Ben Ryan